Answer any question with a quick three-card reading. I love these readings because they can be customised so easily to provide you with very specific guidance and insight into your situation.



All readings are provided in either email (PDF) or recorded audio format. Please let me know at checkout which you would prefer. If you do not specify, you will receive a written version of your reading.

Please allow 1-3 working days for the delivery of your reading. If I do not have it to you within that time, I should have contacted you to let you know when to expect your reading. If you do not receive your reading within 7 days, please contact me and I will ensure it is provided ASAP.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. House of Aquarius does not take any responsibility for how you interpret or apply the reading, divinatory information and all the content provided. No guarantee can be given as to accuracy. The information provided by the reader should not be used in place of information given to you by professional providers. If you are facing a chronic illness, mental instability, or facing some legal issues, please consult with your local and registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible.