Greetings! I’m Terri

It’s so great to have you here at Berkana Cottage, a place of magical inspiration, information and empowerment.

One of the features of the home we live in, which we purchased in 2010, is a silver birch tree out the front, which I soon named ‘Berkana’  being the rune which translates to ‘birch’.  Of course, soon after that, ‘Berkana Cottage’ became the name of our home.

I honestly believe that I have always been on a magical path, but it wasn’t till my pre-teen and teenage years that I realised what it was.  I grew up in a rural area of Tasmania and, while not being too far from the city, we had our own piece of paradise out in the bush which I simply adored. Almost every day I would go out and walk down through the bushland on our block.  On a path which my dad had mown for us, there was a massive boulder on which I’d sit and look over the trees and ferns, down into the valley, and it was there that I connected with nature – without realising what I was doing at first.

My interest in paganism and witchcraft developed a little later, when my sister was gifted a set of tarot cards which I actually got to hold and play with.  Although I didn’t understand entirely what they were at the time, I knew what I held in my hands was full of mystery and magic; the energy from the cards alone was enough for me to deduce that fact.  It was around the same time that I saw ‘The Craft’ with my sister and I was completely hooked – I wanted to be just like the girls in that film, and of course online I found all the best spells for changing eye colour and hair colour and making someone fall in love with you, etc. but when I came across sites like Witchvox.com, I realised that there were actually beliefs and doctrine that associated with witchcraft, under an umbrella term of Paganism.

This is where it truly all started because since then, I have gone on to join my local pagan organisation, been one of the main organisers of a national pagan event, been involved in many group circles and rituals, and of course continued carving out my own path (which I call ‘Eclectic Paganism with Wiccan, Shamanistic and Druidic tendancies’!).

I want to share with you some of my resources and personal experiences, with creating a magical life, often without the burden of tools and things that might be out of reach for some or even the majority of people.

I hope you enjoy wandering through Berkana Cottage,  and please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions at all.