I have set a number of spirituality-based goals this year, but one that has been super important for me is embracing and incorporating the moon and her phases into my everyday life.

At the full moon, I met with a number of my girlfriends at the beach. We walked a labyrinth carved in the sand, focusing on what we wanted to bring into our individual lives. We pelted stones into the water, filled with the things we wanted to release. And we sat and laughed around a bonfire, and observed the moon in her full glory.

But what about the phases between each full moon?  There are (arguably) 8 phases between each full moon – and each one is as potent and magical as the others.  Each phase lasts approximately 3.5 days (with the exception of the dark moon, which lasts only 23.5 hours prior to the new moon), allowing time to acknowledge and work with that phase.  This fact is also arguable as the moon is continuously moving, but for the purposes of magic, it’s considered relatively standard that a day either side of the actual phase is acknowledged as that phase (i.e. the full moon might be on March 12th at 10.38pm, but as far as acknowledging the full moon, this can be done on March 11, 12 and/or 13).

New Moon
As would make sense, as the New Moon makes herself obvious in our skies, it is an ideal time for intention setting, for making new plans, and for new beginnings.  It is a phase for not only the new, but for renewing, and starting over. It is at the New Moon that I set my intention for what I want to achieve over the next 2-4 weeks, depending on the timeframe that I feel accommodates my goal. If it’s a goal that needs more than 4 weeks, I re-set the intention at the next New Moon.

Waxing Crescent Moon
The first sliver of the moon, appearing as the crescent, is a time to nurture your intentions, along with nurturing yourself. For me, this involves sitting with my wishes for this cycle, and tending to it, almost like you would a plant; feeding it, watering it, researching on how to achieve it, gathering information to support you, giving it attention and love and care. I find this is the best time to journal, and specifically about why this intention is important for me and my family, and whoever else it affects. I feel like giving my intention the time and energy that anything deserves and needs to thrive provides the best outcome.

First Quarter Moon
This is when the moon appears to be a semi-circle.  During this time is when I like to start physically actioning to bring my intention into reality; for example, if my intention was to make an extra $500 this cycle, I might promote my business more, or buy a lotto ticket, or ask for extra hours at work.  Magic doesn’t work unless we do. It might seem obvious, but it’s like getting a job; you can’t expect to get a job if you don’t put in an application.  The universe just doesn’t work like that. We have to put in energy to receive back.  The power of intention and law of attraction are what amplify our wishes and help us get heard.

Waxing Gibbous Moon
I call this phase the ‘evaluation zone’.  How are things travelling right now? Are there any slight adjustments I can make to this intention to make it more achievable or more realistic?  Can I build on my intention even more? Can I see results happening already?  It questioning time; to assess what is working and what isn’t.

Full Moon
The one we all know about is the Full Moon.  I use the Full Moon as when you see your intention for what it truly is, you are illuminated of the process it takes to achieve your wish.  You have understanding.  I often find this is the time for releasing what does not serve me or my purpose or my goal to the universe.  I don’t see results just yet (maybe early buds of them), but I let go of the intention and allow nature to take its course as it sees fit.  I find myself taking notice of little synchronicities and coincidences after this phase.

Waning Gibbous (aka Disseminating) Moon
I usually start seeing results around this time.  I might get a phone call or a text message from someone I was hoping to hear from, or a bit of unexpected money comes my way; these kinds of things tell me that my intention is working.   I can see what I have learned from the process, and I can share my experience in the hopes to encourage others to do the same. By talking about it, I build and develop a higher clarify and understanding, and this helps me achieve my goals.

Last Quarter Moon
I like to spend this phase realigning myself with my goal – after 3 weeks, I’ve usually stepped outside and away from the boundaries of my goal at this stage.  I also use this phase start to release my intentions.  This really is the “closing phase”, where we complete what we need to complete in order to bring about the change we wish to see.  I am definitely seeing results by this phase if I’m to see any at all, and may have possibly brought my goal to full fruition at this time. It also becomes crystal clear at this phase as to what has worked for me and what hasn’t during the process.  I’ll often journal at this time to note these things, and keep record, in case there’s something that just didn’t work in this instance, or if there’s an ongoing theme each cycle.

Waning Crescent (aka Balsamic) Moon
Coming to the end of the cycle, I completely release the intention, because I’ve either achieved the goal or found the reason why it hasn’t worked.  I take full responsibility but release any blame and shame from myself, and begin to renew my personal position in the situation, in order to achieve the next goal or review and refresh the existing goal in new light. It is all let go and I think about what’s next, or how to do it better.

Dark Moon
In this short timeframe before the New Moon, I go deep.  I seek within myself what I truly need from the next cycle in my life and how that can be achieved.  Then at the New Moon, the intention is set and the cycle starts again.

How do you incorporate the moon into your practice and your everyday life? Are you an intention-setter or do you go with the flow?

In gratitude, attitude and empowerment,