1. What was my greatest ‘win’ this quarter?
    Surrendering to the fact I can’t ‘do it all’, and making the decision to free myself from the shackles of extra work in order to spend more time with my family.  I’m notorious for over-commitment, and letting go some hours at work means I have more time for the other things that are more important to me.
  2. What lesson did I learn?
    Given care and time, everything will be okay. I, and the things around me, will still continue to grow when life gets crazy; growth takes time and nurturing. Tending to things just as much as necessary is enough for life to move forward – I don’t have to be everything to everyone all the time.
  3. What do I need to leave behind?
    I am an unique individual in a unique line of work; give away with traditional methods of doing things and find what works for me and my personal situation.  Make peace with the fact I don’t need to do things the same way as everyone else.
  4. What do I need to grow and nurture?
    My inner party girl! I need to let her loose. Celebrate with friends more.  Time spent with friends is never wasted.
    Also, remember to celebrate the little things that often appear insignificant but are actually huge steps to the end goal. Don’t forget to enjoy those times too!

In gratitude, attitude and empowerment,