If you know me at all, you’ll know that for the past 5-6 years, I have been on a complete decluttering kick. It’s been one of my favourite things to do, and one of the demons that has challenged me – in short, a bittersweet companion. My house is still not completely decluttered – far from it – but as I am slowly working towards a more minimal lifestyle (note: minimal, not minimalistic! I am not ready to rid myself of everything unnecessary just yet), I am noticing some changes.

Through the process, I have discovered that decluttering my physical space has become somewhat of an emotional and mental clearing exercise.

I am what they call an “angry cleaner”; if I’m mad or upset, I clean. It calms me, it clears my living space as well as my head, and both end up with more clarity, understanding and purpose.

I came to the realisation that what I was doing was actually magic. As within, so without. This is real magic, with real results. The effect of decluttering, organising and cleaning my space actually achieves the same for my thoughts and feelings.

It is no different to creating sacred space for ritual or meditation or to simply be. You prepare a physical space in order to enter a different headspace, even a different spiritual plane. By caring for the space around you, you care for the space within.

I will go more into my decluttering journey in future posts, but I share this information now because I realise so many people live in a mental state of dismay and helplessness; maybe, just maybe, doing something for your physical space might help you.

In gratitude, attitude and empowerment,